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13 May 2010 @ 08:58 pm
New Star Trek Fic: Unlocked Heart (TOS/STR)  
Title: Unlocked Heart

Author: Vera

Rating: PG

Pairing: Spock Prime/Jim

Spoilers: for the movie – sort of I think. The fic makes reference to a locket and a message Spock Prime had of Jim Prime, but it was cut from the movie. Just in case, I’m adding it here.

Timeline: One shot, in the reboot!verse

Notes: This is an second person narrative which made me extremely nervous when I was putting it together. So, I am very grateful for awarrington and her excellent beta work and infinite patience with me while I was being a scatterbrain recently.

It was pointed out to me that after looking at fic for so long sometimes you just get so familiar with things, you don’t see things in your fic that you should. Once I realized how often I’ve been feeling like this with this fic and as this was a new style for me, I thought a new eye over this would help soothe my nerves. Cue cozibizzle - thank you so much for your help!!

Summary: You know you cannot have Jim, that you have only the strength left for a friendship between you both.